Thursday, May 20, 2010


The soldiers, marines and men we send
Off to war to fend our land
With bravery in those hearts so bold
They must let go of loved one’s hand’
Many souls bear weight like gold
And their hearts turn grey an’ cold
Not a lick nor ounce of tarry be
They’re off to set the world a free

With gleaming eyes their wives await
To know when death may take a break
Never feeling as they’re alive
These men fight with valor remembering life
Entrenched in fierce battle, embittered
Not seeing the fruit of the world set free

The war is now over and but a memory
And the men march on home
(the one’s that are left)
With a sovereign sense
They don’t hear the word of recompense
Nor ever forget the tragedies
The tragedies that haunt their very souls

The way these men bear the pain varies between all
But one thing we must understand is the fact that we don’t
So do those men a favor and, hell, leave them alone
The one and only true comfort is that of Jesus Christ,
He has a spot for everyone, wrapped inside His arms
So my lads and soldiers hear this now
Hear me if you will
Come run to Jesus now
In His care you’ll be kept warm

And in this state it all makes sense
That older men start wars
But yet the ones that fight them are
The youth, the ones left lorn
Yah I say the only cure
Is He that made the Earth
God almighty, in His arms ye men will find your rest

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