Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Letting Go

Let there be no greed found in me
Let everything I have be unto thee, oh Lord
May everything I possess be in Your control
Help me to daily let go
I surrender, all I have
I’m giving it to You
All belongings
All hopes
All desires
They are Yours
Let worry have no part in my life
For the Lord is with me forever,

Monday, July 9, 2012


Oh serve ye the Lord
For He is mighty
And greatly to be served
In all you do
Do so unto Him
And your path shall be straight
When given the opportunity to serve
Go, and doeth the works of the Lord
The Lord God
The One and only
The Great I am
Give unto Him
All that you are
And love
As He has loved you
Do not to others
That which they deserve
But deal with them
as God has dealt with thee
Forgive, Support
Love and nourish
Let not the lies of the Devil
Bring thee away from the truth
Do not shield your eyes from it either
Look upon the perfect law of liberty
And continue in it as long as you live
For ever and ever bring Praise to the King.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


O praise the Lord!
Praiseth Him that saves!
Jesus Christ
He is the Lord
Let all the earth proclaim!

Sing it out,
With all you are
Sing it with all love
Adoration, purity
In heart
That those who
Hear this praise
would know
There’s something right

O live your life
Not according to the flesh
But dedicate
All you are
All to Him Who saves

Living life in pure soundness
In pure soundness and grace.
Integrity, joy and love
In all of your ways

That those
Whom see you live that way
Would know
There’s something right.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Running down this endless road
Gasping for my breath
I tap my mind into mode
And push past the pain
Now, once I’m there I feel as though
I could run for days,
Until my feet start to ache
And I think of all the ways
To justify my stopping this
Oh so long a race
With which myself I started back
Way down this path
But, no I must continue on
Running for that goal
It might be hard to persevere
Though God will make me strong
So, Running still,
Running on.
It never seems to end
I’ll just keep running, forever
Or until I’m told to stop
Running on ‘til the end
Running without stop.


Dear God I surrender
I am here
Wholly surrendered
I am Yours
Mold me
Shape me
Put me on the potters wheel
Shape me
Mold me
Make me into what You will

My Life
You have
You make me whole
You’re word
I know
It is so great
My God
You are
My God
Will be
My God
I love
My God
I’m free

You are
You are
You are I am
I am
I am Yours!
Surrendered I come before You now
With thanksgiving in my heart
I know everything’s alright now
For You hold me once again
Lord keep me ever close to You
You Are my desire
My love, and my peace

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Holy You Are

Oh God my strength and refuge
I know my life secure
You hold me in your providence
And keep me safe and warm

Oh God my hope and daily bread
My life, you know, is Yours
I give to You all that I am
And all I am is yours

I’m standing here before You now
Prepared for what’s to come
Wherever You may lead, my Lord
I shall follow there

Holy You are, and will be.
The sacrifice You gave for me
Is so great and true

I cannot look on anything
Before I look at you
For You’re just so captivating
Lord You made me new

So Jehovah, show the way
And I will go with haste
I need Your strength to make it there,
So You carry me dear God.

This love that is inside of me
Lord it’s all because of You
This hope that’s stored within my mind
It is placed here by You

And now my Christ,
My Master, Sir,
I confess to Thee
Holy You are
And will be,
You, I know, will come.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A piece of driftwood floating along
Across a lake for near two score
It seems right worthy of a song
Though poetry it settles for
This rhyme and meter may be obsolete
To the sound of rhythm and of beat
Though it's what it gets for drifting there
Not song, not book, nor picture I swear
This wood that floats is not that rare
So who will remember him for being there?
Just a hum-drum poet staring at
the lake that it travels on
Oh Mr. Driftwood where will you go
Who will remember your time spent here
Other than me that is sitting here?
Float along and drift away
Just leave it to me to state and say
That This driftwood here it once was there
drift on my friend
go out, drift on.