Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Spring Storm

Standing looking unto the sky
I see the sun disappear
I hear the first roll of thunder
The roll; that roll that makes you ponder
The cool, fresh breeze sweeps across the land
And the smell of the damp rain rushes under my nose

Oh the joy that becometh me there
The happiness that I may have
Knowing that this storm is given by the God Almighty

Then as if I had been looking to the sky for hours
And not even known it
A sharp crack pierces the stillness of sound
A drop falls upon my cheek
Seeming to continue to stream down my face forever
And in a flash
Nearly faster than the crack of lightning
Countless raindrops come crashing onto the earth

At this moment, I look around
And hear the constant pounding of the giant drops of water
And I run
Yes I run
As fast as I can
And it makes my soul glad!
I sing
(Yes I sing in the rain)
And dance before the Lord!
And as the thunder pounds around me
I thank God for this lovely spring weather.

(this one is not very polished yet, sorry)

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